Choice Freedom Gold Card Review

We review the Choice Freedom Gold Card that is a catalogue card but which offers some of the features of a UK bank credit card such as a credit limit. However, the Choice Freedom Card can only be used to buy goods at a specific retail outlet online.

Features at a glance

  • No interest payable on the outstanding balance.
  • £500 credit limit.
  • May help build/rebuild your credit rating.
  • No credit check so suitable for many people with a poor credit history.
  • Purchase items through an exclusive online store.
  • Additional benefits package.
  • Make monthly repayments.

Who may submit an application?

As long as you are resident in the UK, 18 years of age minimum, already have either a suitable debit card, credit card, bank account or building society account you may apply. No credit check is carried out so it is also suitable for some people with a bad credit rating.

How do you apply for the Choice Freedom Card?

A brief application form is completed online for consideration. Identification must be verified. The process is easy to follow.

What can the catalogue card be utilised for?

The Choice Freedom Gold Card enables you to buy goods for the whole family but only at the Choice Freedom Outlet via the Internet such as shoes, clothes, jewellery, bedding and luggage to name just a few things.

In addition, a membership benefit plan includes things like roadside breakdown assistance and hearing, dental and optical discounts.

How much is the credit limit?

Usually you are provided with a £500 credit limit.

How do you make repayments?

Monthly statements are sent to you. A minimum of 5% of the outstanding balance with a minimum of £10 is payable on a monthly basis but any balance below £10 is payable in full. There are a variety of ways that you can make these payments such as by debit card, cheque or direct debit. If you want to pay off the total amount outstanding or some other figure you can do so as long as you fulfil the minimum requirement.

Does the Choice Freedom Gold Card cost anything?

A fee of £29.95 is payable in respect of issuing the card and validating the account.

The above membership benefit plan presently costs £14.95 pm.

You will be pleased to hear that no interest is payable on any amount that you owe on the card.

A delivery charge is payable on any goods you buy.

Please refer to the website of Choice Freedom Gold Card for details of any other fees.


Particularly if you have a poor credit rating, prefer to buy certain products online and feel that you would use some of the things included in the membership benefit plan then the Choice Freedom Gold Card may appeal. Before applying, you may wish to read the various websites connected with the Choice Freedom Card.